Reach your destination with the help of Yellow Cab of Lubbock in Lubbock, Texas. We proudly offer a professionally arranged taxi service charge account for our client’s ultimate convenience.


Billing of Charges

Enjoy the convenience of having your own taxi charge account with us. Upon approval of your application, our cab service enables you to charge taxi fares to your assigned account and be billed on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. All charges are itemized on a simple billing statement. Original copy charge slips for each trip are included in your billing for easy reconciliation.

Payment Terms

For our charge accounts, the payment terms are Net 30. This means that all charges are payable with 30 days from the statement date. All checks should be made payable to Yellow Cab of Lubbock. Please be sure to include your account number on the check to assume timely processing.

Other Benefits

For added convenience, we furnish blank taxi vouchers to our charge customers at no charge. We offer enhanced account security with an optional account designation. Through this, our drivers, are only able to charge your account when you hand them one of your completed taxi vouchers. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for the security of your account and taxi vouchers. We request that you treat vouchers the same as you do cash.

Contact us in Lubbock, Texas to open your personalized taxi service charge account with us today.